World of Dumortier Tube Audio


Over the next few years I plan to sell my entire Dumortier tube audio collection. My preference is to sell it as a complete collection, including the website, but not the other equipment listed. Though my desire is to sell the collection to one buyer, I will take offers on individual pieces for consideration. The price on the entire collection is US$50,000.00, plus shipping. I will carefully wrap and box each unit to ensure safe delivery. I can also assist in getting the best, bulk rate shipping cost unless buyer chooses to pick the equipment up locally. Please contact me is you have any questions. This is a rare opportunity to buy what may be the largest collection of A.D. Audio /Dumortier tube audio equipment. It has taken me over thirty years to acquire my current collection – Thanks, Joe

Welcome to my home page and to the world of Dumortier tube audio equipment and more. This collection of tube audio equipment was designed and manufactured by Andre Dumortier during the 1950’s and 1960’s in Brussels, Belgium under the marques of A.D.Audio. In the 60’s, some solid state equipment was also manufactured and these too will be displayed.

Though many audiophiles in the United States may not have heard of Dumortier, it comes as no surprise since even die-hard collectors in Belgium may have never had the pleasure of seeing or hearing any of his products.

I consider A.D.Audio as a boutique manufacturer, rather than a mass producer manufacturer. Those familiar with Mr. Dumortier consider him affectionately as “the Saul Marantz of Europe”. Many of his designs are reminiscent of early Marantz equipment, though the styling with its black potted transformers and chrome chassis are more in the style of McIntosh equipment from the same period.

To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Dumortier used only European manufactured 7189’s as his output tubes and choosing ECC83’s for the drivers and preamp tubes. Both the 7189’s and the ECC83’s were, on the most part early Telefunkens.

My goal with this web site is to exchange information regarding this little known, yet brilliant audio engineer. Photos as well as descriptions of all of the variations I have will be posted. Any information and/or photos I receive from others will also be added with source acknowledgement.  I will be pleased to answer any questions regarding A.D.Audio I can, though I have to confess to not having  a significant knowledge base on the subject. I am hoping others may be able to add to and share more information to the benefit of all.