Dumortier Collection Summary

Please Note:
I am in the process of looking for a collector interested in buying my entire A.D.Audio (Dumortier) collection, including this website (only the A.D.Audio gear). I believe this is the largest collection of this very rare, Belgian manufactured equipment in the world. Age and health are encouraging me to take this action. I am selling as a complete package only, I will not sell by the piece, or group. If sold, each unit will be carefully wrapped in big bubble, bubble-wrap and individually boxed for safe shipment. Please contact me via e-mail for addition details, or if you have any questions.
My collection represents equipment designed and manufactured by A.D.Audio under the supervision of Andre  Dumortier in Brussels, Belgium. This collection has been accumulated over the past  40 years and may be the largest single collection in the United States, possibly the world.
Dumortier custom built most of his  tube equipment in the 1950’s and 1960’s and later designed a few solid-state  models. I have two of the latter examples in this collection. Dumortier was  known among a limited number of audiophiles as designing some of the best tube audio equipment in Europe. His amplifiers have more of a vintage American look to them with their black  potted transformers and chromed chassis. Mr. Dumortier used 7189’s in all of  the amplifier sections I own, or have seen. If there are any knowledgeable  collectors that know of any Dumortier amplifiers using a different tube, I would  be interested in gathering this, and any other information regarding Mr. Dumortier and/or his equipment.
If anyone has any Dumortier  equipment, tube or solid state, please contact me as I am still on a quest to  gather details on this little-known audio manufacturer and his life. There is  very little information available on the Internet and I have not met any owners  of this equipment in the United States, I’m sure they  exist.
The following is a list of the  Dumortier equipment in this collection:
(4) Four Mono Tube Type I  Preamplifiers
(1) One Stereo Type II Tube  Preamplifier
(1) One Stereo Type I Tube Preamplifier
(2) Two Mono Tube Integrated  Amplifiers (Slant Face)
(2) Stereo Tube Sforzando Integrated  Amplifiers
(2) Stereo Tube Amplifiers with  Gain Controls
(2) Mono Tube Type II  Amplifiers
(5) Mono Tube Type III Amplifiers
(2) Tube FM  Tuners, one with builtin power supply
(1) Solid State Integrated  Amplifier
(1) Solid State FM Type I Tuner
(1) Solid State FM Type II Tuner with  presets
(3) Power Supplies
Please Note: Additional photos will be added as I go through my inventory
All units are switch selectable for  110 and 220 VAC operation. All amplifiers come with a full complement of  Telefunken 7189’s, the balance of the tubes are either vintage Telefunken,  Amperex, Mullard or Tungsram, depending on the  unit.
I can provide more information and  photos upon request. If you own any Dumortier equipment, I would enjoy getting  some photos and information for my files. Please contact me if you have any  questions, comments or information. Let me know if the information you provide  can be shared with other enthusiasts? If so, I will either add it to this  site, or provide it as part of an inquiry  response.

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