Nelson Pass design A-40 homebuilt amplifier

Nelson Pass A-40 Home-Brew Class A Stereo Amplifier

Very Nice, Very Smooth Sounding Classic

I have been listening to this amplifier for several months and convinced that it is the best sounding amplifier I have ever had on my EMI-901 speakers. As a card-carrying “tube head” this may come as a surprise. The detail, soundstage, smoothness, separation, and overall tightness of the lower frequencies has convinced me of this fact. I will miss this amplifier if it sells, but I do have to reduce the amount of gear I currently have in my basement. Please let me know if you would like to visit and audition this remarkable amplifier even if you have no intension of buying. It will be quite an experience and the opportunity to hear this particular Nelson Pass classic may not easily be available once it is gone.


Very Difficult To Find – $1000.00


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